Why Telus Sucks

I've long had a strong dislike for Telus. I don't know when exactly it started. Perhaps it was back in the 1980's, when they used to charge me $1.75 per minute to call my uncle Joey in England. Or maybe it was in the late 80's and early 90's, when they made me pay $1400 for a cellphone to use on their CRAPPY cellular network, which kept dropping calls every few minutes. Or possibly it was 1994, when they charged me over $70 for a one-hour phone call to Inuvik (at a time when long distance rates to EVERY OTHER PLACE in Canada had dropped dramatically).

I dunno. Certainly all of these things helped shape my attitude towards this corporate behemoth. But it is most certainly the events of the past few years that have managed to turn my dislike into full-blown hatred, for a company that will do ANYTHING to screw over competitors and gouge as much money as possible out of customers.

As I find time, I plan to detail some of my experiences with Telus, some of which show corporate arrogance on a truly mind-boggling scale. As of this writing (September 15th 2002), my writings are as yet incomplete, so check back later for more.

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Do you have any stories about Telus outlining their arrogance, incompetence, or just plain suckage? I'd love to hear from you, and post your stories here. I would prefer that you include contact information (at the very least, an email address), but I will accept contributions marked "anonymous" so long as they do not contain any assertions of fact which could be contested by Telus' legal department. Similarly, make damned sure that any statements of fact you do make CAN be backed up. So long as you've got the facts on your side, Telus' lawyers can go piss in the wind for all the good it will do them. But to protect myself, I *DO* have to provide contact information if you're going to make any factual assertions.

Still with me? Great! Please contact me at truly@telussucks.info.