Several years back, the good folks at Canada Connect had many beefs with Telus (formerly "AGT", or Alberta Government Telephones), dating back to when Canada Connect first set up shop as an ISP and Telus refused to provide them with telephone lines (which, Jonathan Levine asserts, was because they were trying to stifle competition). So on September 7th 1998, they registered the domain name "", and sometime afterward, set up a website detailing just why they believe that Telus does indeed suck. Sadly, that site no longer exists, nor does Canada Connect.

On this page you will find links to other "fellow travelers" sites - others who, for reasons of their own, also have a big hate on for Telus.

Strangely, "" and "" have been unavailable for quite some time, but I was lucky enough to latch on to "" before Telus or anyone else made it go away. Ironically, I registered the domain name using Telus' own domain registration system. :-) If you would

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