For the most part, the views expressed on this website are my own. They are my opinion, something that Canadian law entitles me to. All of the events chronicled in these pages, with the exception of those in the "Your Stories" section, happened to me personally and I am willing to attest to the validity of these statements - in a court of law, if necessary. So, if you're a Telus lawyer, kindly go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself. Oh, and you suck too.

As for my "use" of the Telus logo on the front page of this website, please untwist your panties. As a "parody", this is protected under existing "fair use" provisions of Canadian copyright law. You may be a high-priced Telus lawyer, but I am a man who knows exactly what his rights are. Take your threats elsewhere, you cretin.

The events chronicled in "Your Stories" are submitted by viewers of this website. I cannot personally attest to their validity. I provide contact information for each story author, so anyone who wishes to dispute the events depicted may take it up directly with the author. If that fails, I will, upon request, redact any portion of such stories in which the events are subject to dispute. I will not otherwise modify these stories, particularly those sections which express the opinion that Telus does, indeed, suck (and suck mightily at that). You can contact me by emailing truly@telussucks.info

The companies and individuals whose websites I link to in "Fellow Travelers" have not, for the most part, endorsed this site or given permission to link to them. They are people who, in my opinion, also believe that Telus Sucks, and are willing to say so.

The companies listed on the home page of this site (under "We Support The Following Telus Alternatives") have, similarly, NOT endorsed this website, and the fact that I've chosen to link to them should not be construed as support for this website or for the premise that Telus Sucks. I simply wanted to let people know that alternatives to Telus DO exist. The ones listed, in my opinion, offer better service than Telus.