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We Support The Following Telus Alternatives - You Should Too!

Local Dialtone

Shaw Communications (digital phone over cable)
Cogeco Cable (digital phone over cable)
Rogers Telecom (copper, digital phone over cable)
Allstream (mostly commercial)
Bell Canada/Bell West
TalkBroadband (VOIP)
Vonage (VOIP)


Virgin Mobile <*>
Bell Mobility

Internet Services

Nucleus Information Services <*>
Terago Networks (commercial line-of-sight)
Shaw Communications
Cogeco Cable (cable, WiMax)
Bell Canada (DSL, cable, WiMax)
Allstream (mostly commercial)

Some Telus parody logos - send yours to is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is owned and operated by Joey Lindstrom. While all of the above alternatives are miles better than Telus, services marked with <*> are those that I personally recommend and use myself.