Where The Fuck Is MY 19-inch LCD?

Submitted To Me On March 24th, 2006 by Blaine Lastnamewithheld

Apparently new subscribers to Telus ADSL get a free 19" LCD monitor. These monitors are subsidized by unwilling loyal Telus customers. We've had Telus ADSL for about 6 years now, they host our domain, and our local phone service. We are not offered a 19" LCD, even after specifically asking, and offering to sign a three year contract. "It's only for new customers". Obviously the smart thing to do is to find someone who will host our domain cheaper, and switch providers every time the contract expires, unless of course there's someone else who actually rewards loyalty.

Where the fuck is MY 19" LCD?

Editor's note: the preceding might not make a lot of sense to you if you haven't seen or heard the Telus ads promoting this. Basically, the deal is that Telus will give you an LCD monitor if you are a new internet customer willing to sign a fixed-length contract (I believe three years). As Blaine points out, this offer is not available to existing customers, even loyal customers who've been with Telus a long time and are also willing to sign such a contract. Apparently, Telus is so arrogant that they feel that customers like Blaine will never leave, so why offer him any sort of inducement? Needless to say, I've advised Blaine to switch providers. :-)

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