Bargain LD Rate: $1/minute!

Submitted To Me On January 16th, 2006 by "Doc Holiday"

Great site, man! I wish there were more people like you! I fully agree, Telus sucks! Big time! I am originally German, and I always thought the worst of all corporations is the Deutsche Telekom, the German pendant to Telus. But when I moved to Canada I found out that Telus is even worse. They rip off their customers wherever they can, and what throws me is, nobody seems to be able to do anything about it.

In Germany at least we have lawyers who help you get your right, but when I contact lawyers in Vancouver to find help against Telus I usually hear "that's not worth it", "you're better off paying" or "you have no chance". That is just appalling. That's why I am asking you: do you know any lawyer that has the guts and competence to help ripped-off people fight Telus? I would appreciate any help.

To my story with Telus? Oh god, there are many, let me just tell you my most recent one. I make lots of phone calls to the UK and Germany, I always have and for that reason used to have a long-distance rate with Telus for 10c a minute to Germany and the UK. Then I was in the UK for a year, and before I came back I ordered a phone line with Telus and high speed internet. I specifically said I needed a long-distance line for the UK and Germany again like the one I used to have, which I was confirmed. I was also prepared to pay for the phone line 2 weeks earlier before my arrival back in Canada just to make sure I have the highspeed internet connection on time.

Surprise! I arrived, and the highspeed internet was NOT in place. In fact, it arrived 1.5 weeks later. But of course I paid 2 weeks before I arrived. In the first 3 weeks I was back in Canada I made my usual phone calls to the UK and Germany (not too many really) and the first invoice shows me that they charged me 1 $ per minute. Yes, 1 f.... Dollar! 611.47$ for 3 weeks, for a few calls to Europe. That is the highest phone bill I ever got in my life.

Of course I canceled my line immediately and complained about the rate that was not agreed, and they refused to see my point and said they couldn't change that, because I had declined the long-distance rate. Sure, why would I not decline it making regular calls to Europe? I called again, and the person said "yes, I can see you have called before, but as we have already told you, you declined the long-distance rate, as the computer clearly shows. And you don't need to call again, it will be rejected anyway."

I now will not only not pay (I don't care about an entry in my credit rating, no problem), I will sue for damages, also for the internet line I did not get as agreed. What Telus does very well is breach contracts and not stick to their agreements, and they do it all the time but are the ones who think they can give you a bad credit rating. If they were a person (which they actually are by law being a corporation), they'd be in jail for life. Why do they get away with it?

By the way, I have been making my phone calls with Skype now. 0.02 cents a minute to anywhere in the world! No additional charges or hidden fees. And great quality! You don't need a phone line, just broadband internet, e.g. with Shaw.

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