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Submitted To Me On January 8th, 2006 by Jackie Hildering

It gave me great pleasure to come across your web-page in my efforts to try to find a way to complain to Telus. Thank you for giving some small relief. Please see my complaints below and do with them what you will. I would prefer that my email not end up on your webpage.

Best wishes,

Jackie Hildering


Dear Telus,

I have 3 issues with the service I have received.

Firstly, I have great issue with the poor spam filtering I received. I forwarded more than 2360 spam messages to Yet was consistently plagued with the same spam messages. Yes, I did have full spam protection as offered through Telus.

This plague of spam led to my changing my email user name on July 20th, 2005. I forgot to relay this change for my telephone e-bill WITH TELUS. This led, not to my getting a paper bill when my ebill information would have bounced back, not to my getting an email (after all TELUS has my email information) no - it led to a letter warning me that my phone was to be disconnected. This, to a customer that has never been late with paying a Telus bill.

Both of the aforementioned issues I could tolerate. I am now enraged to see that you are offering new customers a rate lower than that you offer long time customers. I continue to have the pleasure of paying $34.95 while new customers get at $29.95 rate and an I-POD.

I wish to hear your rationale for this prior to my finding an alternative service provider.

Jackie Hildering

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