Telus Can't Figure Out Where To Send Bills

Submitted To Me On December 9th, 2005 by TR

Greetings from the rock! (Victoria, BC)

I just wanted to say that I am very glad to have found your website!

Telus Sucks, indeed.

I moved, back in September, into my new apartment. I changed my address info with everything from insurance to medical. Then I moved my Telus account. Or at least they made me think I did.

I came home from work yesterday to find that my phone was cut off. I called Telus to find out why, and I was startled by the $300 outstanding on my bill. I was also told that notices were mailed out. I asked what address they were sending it to, thinking the Telus ASSociate entered the wrong apartment number when I changed my account info. But she reeled off my old address!! How am I supposed to get late notices when they are sent to the WRONG FUCKING ADDRESS!!!!!????? Do they not have my email? Are they not a communications company? Can they not cross reference my Telus Mobility account to make sure numbers and letters match up? Can't they even use a phone? They solely depend on snail-mail? Are they for real??

Then I was told "the customer is responsible for keeping track of whether bills were paid or not. We did send you notices".

Now I have to make a minimum $213 payment just to get my phone back. Nobody at Telus would accept even the slightest responsibilty and made it clear, in a black and white context, that I have to pay the $200+ and that's final. I asked to talk to their supervisor...the first woman I talked to said they will repeat what she just told me, and then ask for payment of the whole outstanding balance. The second woman I talked to said there is a 1 to 3 business day wait for a supervisor to call back.

I will probably be on Shaw by then. WAY TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS, TELUS!!

I am very responsible. I called Telus and changed my address and info well before I even moved. In fact I had to shelf my phone number for 2 weeks since the apartment wasn't available 'til mid-month. They didn't even do that, which I specifically requested since I had done it once before, and they turned yet another fuckup into a credit on my account.

A change was made to my account and THEY fucked it up. So now I am paying a lump sum because they mailed late notices to my old address? It's time for them to wake the fuck up and use their own damned email accounts!!! After all, EVERYONE that has a Telus Smelus account has an email addy, as well as personal webspace.

As a newbie freelance Web Designer, I just might have to exercise my skills (and rights) on a brother-site to yours and keep a rendition of it on my Telus Personal Webspace!

In reference to the entry by [NAME WITHHELD] with the $120 charge to switch:

I got that same phone call, but I was informed about the cancellation fee. However, I was told that the special deal that I had signed up for was about to run out. The rates were going to go way up, unless I wanted to keep the same approximate rates under a new contract. Oh, but I would be locked into it for 3 years. Isn't there a term for that? 'Cornered' is the first word that comes to mind. What do they expect me to say? "No, I want to pay more for your shit service"? In hindsight, I shoulda said 'No Thanks', and switched back to Shaw Internet. After all, now they have a bundle package with TELEPHONE and UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE to NORTH AMERICA!

This is worth Telus' $120 cancellation fee, in my opinion. The last damn fee they will get outta me.

I just hadda get that off my chest. Not sure if it's worthy of yer website. But I do appreciate the site and will keep it bookmarked!! I look forward to be continually amazed at the true stories of the shitbox tech support and monopolized shenanigans of Telus (Smelus).


- TR

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