Telus Changes Terms Mid-Contract

Submitted To Me On December 8th, 2005 by Cameron W.

I left Telus August of '05 even though there seemed like there was nowhere to go. Sadly one can't even get ADSL service where I live in Alberta without paying Telus for the dialtone/line use, even if it's with another company. So, I decided to try VoIP with a Cable service provider. Theoretically this should work great, but in practice my calls are crappy most of the time, and I have frequent disconnects. This isn't the VoIP service - it's the cable internet provider. They said because I'm in a remote town, and there's a tier one company in town (whatever that implies) so my service won't be very good. This is all I got after over four months of fighting for this problem to be corrected. Oh, yeah, and a discount on my spotty service too. So here I am, free from Telus, and stuck with a phone that works about as well as a cell phone in the woods. Sometimes my line is great, but most of the time it's not. If I got DSL with dedicated bandwidth it'd be fine, but then I'd be giving Telus cash, even if I go with a different provider! If only I lived in a town where cable internet was reliable... sigh... they sad they'll fix it next year. I just don't care anymore. Are all telecommunications companies like this, or is it just my bad luck?

The brighter side is that - YAY!!! - I'm not paying Telus one cent, and I most of the time still have a phone , that's way cheaper too! Free long distance anytime too!

I'm sure that if you're reading this and you're in the city and want to get away from Telus, I assure you there are ways, and you'll likely have an easier go of it then I did. Oh yeah, the reason I left them is because they gave me a discount deal in exchange for me signing up for a contract for a year, but then they raised the price on me in mid contract, saying it was a mistake of theirs and that I'd have to "deal with it". The operators got really pushy with me (this was in the middle of the Telus strike) and I just said screw it. I'm outa here.

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