Telus Charges $120 To Switch!

Submitted To Me On September 15th, 2005 by Steven W. Robinson of North Vancouver, BC

Thanks for putting up this website!

My story isn't quite as complex as yours, but they show the same contempt for the Law and those who they service.

Sometime in 1999 I bought a new home in North Vancouver. When i purchased the home I looked forward to installing ADSL service, (The area i left was not yet serviced by ADSL) I made the call to Telus to enquire and order the service. They politely explained the requirements needed, and booked a time for the technician to install my SECOND LINE to handle the ADSL All was well with the line... blazing speed, fairly reliable connections, and the $30. fee for the phone line seemed not too expensive. There I was, happy as a clam in an ocean of fast flowing data. That is, until i was pitched by Primus. It was Primus who explained to me that the second line was not needed and why.

(Editor's Note: DSL rides on the same pair of wires that traditional voice service works on. The whole idea behind DSL is that it should work on the same line that the customer already is using for voice service - a second line is never required.)

So we begin the second chapter... An hour and a half waiting on the phone to talk to a human. Only to be told "you ordered it!", "it's your fault". Now I am admittedly not the smartest person on the planet, but I don't piss into the wind either. I don't throw money at corporations that don't need it, and I don't spend money that I don't need too. So here I am, 5 + years later, and those lying bastards have the nerve to offer me $360 compensation for the thousands they burned me for. i don't like the way business is done by many companies, but this takes the prize. This isn't a debatable discussion about ethics, this is fraud, cheating and lying by a monopoly.

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